social good


here are most all of the speakers.. sept 22-24, 2013..

social good summit all

manifolds of people doing good.

and this is just one conference.. out of multiple conferences.. every day…

and that’s just the people that go to conferences..

good people are everywhere

like our town of 70,000 – we have maybe 400 charitable organizations ..

yet …we still have people who are homeless/angry/stressed/depressed (our county is like 6th in the nation in suicide rate) ….

so …what’s going on?

all these people are incredible .. doing incredible things…

at this rate/ratio.. you’d think perhaps we’d be better off than we are.

i hear George..

there are pools

and David..

we could be changing the world

and i wonder if finding/sharing/permitting/supporting a cohesive integrated structure, fitting for 100% of humanity, (no matter how ridiculous it may sound), might be a more timely means to equity, (to everyone getting a go.)

it shouldn’t take long/much. and the beauty is that once we do get this whole equity thing settled, then we can all just carry on. the sustainability lies in its intrinsic-perpetuation. [much like our current dilemma stemming from its extrinsic-perpetuation.]

might we be brave/quiet enough to bet on a sync of goodness?

a people experiment 2



gosh – every #2030NOW talk is evidence that we need to be freeing people up to the good – they are literally dying to do


2015 summit:

on (fluid dynamics & fractaling details &) stories as means to real break throughs.. – @ZiaKhanNYC#2030NOW

(again) on the need for leap frogging. it’s not tech we lack. it’s political will. – @billmckibben#2030NOW

ie: safety check & donate button, money goes direct to needs; info travels faster – social good via facebook/medicore/mashable #2030NOW

on refugees as solutions to many problems in world today – António Guterres #2030NOW

on the need to leap frog over existing city infrastructure – @olibby35#2030NOW – rev in reverse.

on saying: enough is enough. having courage to believe a nother way is possible. – @kuminaidoo#2030NOW

i felt i was telling (ocean) how it was going to die w/no cure. so i quit academia to work on a solution @Enric_Sala#2030NOW -costello law

in order to truly have a revolution we need everyone -Emily Courey Pryor #2030NOW -perhaps we’re focusing on wrong data ie: deep enough

the goals are great but we don’t have the solution matrix in place – Ambassador Kamau of Kenya at the Solutions Summit. – ni ness

embracing this: we are all the designers now. dream. – @keithyamashita#2030NOW – a nother way: none of us if one of us.

on finding our energy – – @k_satyarthi | – do this first: free art ists

on hacking not possible if don’t have info.. @moxie  – natural encryption: idiosyncratic jargon ness

govt afraid of people is not going to be stable/succeed – they may seem powerful temporarily – @rhodes44

we have billion dollar turn over non profits… we need ie: ugandans telling us how to consume less.. Dr. Danny Sriskandarajah – @civicussg

you can talk as much as you want.. there’s still poverty – @twejaka Twesigye Jackson Kaguri

no true movement is about any individual -what is that lasting movement to achieve them (goals) look like – @Hughcevans

on beyond policy embedded rhetoric – ie: beyond 9 yr ed to tertiary.. hugh – oh my. life long. as the day.

michelle nunn on measurement: how many girls are in school.. – what if school is off.. ie: not what we need..

we need hope – message from syrian refugees – michelle nunn

all lives are created equal.. if we act on that fact.. – @Hughcevans everyone getting a go. everyday. – @MichelleNunn

great, good people.. but kept hearing quotes from assange on google et al.. and orgs that are so tied up in issues that distract/destroy.. et al