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Can the damaged brain repair itself?

After a traumatic brain injury, it sometimes happens that the brain can repair itself, building new brain cells to replace damaged ones. But the repair doesn’t happen quickly enough to allow recovery from degenerative conditions like motor neuron disease (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease or ALS). Siddharthan Chandran walks through some new techniques using special stem cells that could allow the damaged brain to rebuild faster.

Siddharthan Chandran explores how to heal damage from degenerative disorders such as MS and motor neuron disease (ALS). 


telling you all i learned in medical school in 15 min

we were told that the brain couldn’t repair itself and that’s not true, it just needs help, it just takes too long

can we change the rules of the game.. and shorten the odds?

where is the bottle neck..

all the screening occurs in animal models.. can we study these using human materials?

regeneration, repair, and hope

speaking of hope, school report for John Gerden, got noble prize this year..

school report


drug discovery in a dish

what they’ve done.. is gone in and woken up the cells


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dis orderness….