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sister to Manish.


Shilpa will be at IDEC 2013…
idec 2013 coffee talkers

I really love co-creation and growing a world that works for all. What matters to me is to live fully and to support each person to give their gift fully and be in meaningful connection.       – Shilpa Jain


There will be an education jam, august 1-8, via yes! and Shilpa.

Shilpa on the yes! jam:

 inside a jam:

 some insight into Shilpa’s vision:

[love the resonation with: time and space with nothing to prove – to talk to self (authenticity)]

some favorite works:

 Shilpa remembers a resonating conversation:

[love the resonation with: being invited to exist – being known by someone – (attachment)]


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yes! manual – pdf:

yes manual
elevating the power of story to be enough…

walk out’s magazine:

[you need to scroll down to Swapathgami Magazine (all in PDF form)]:
walk outs magazine
or find english version here and hindi version here.

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from the walk out walk on site,

invite to gather essays for book: 

Manish and Shilpa Jain of Shikshantar invited friends and colleagues to reflect on the meaning and significance of gift culture. The result was Reclaiming the Gift Culture, an anthology of 26 essays. The following is adapted from their introductory letter.

shilpa reclaiming the gift

the gift culture book (pdf):

reclaiming the gift culture

the activism book (pdf):

activisim book shilpa
filled with great insight..
this from Pat:
pat farenga in elephant book