santiago rincón gallardo

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Santiago is president of the board for IDEA:

santiago on idea site


Santiago is one of idec 2013’s coffee talkers:

idec 2013 coffee talkers

where he writes:

I am especially interested in initiatives currently underway or with the potential to radically transform teaching and learning on a large scale.

more from the idec site:

He currently works with Michael Fullan as a consultant for whole system reform in the US, Uruguay, Peru and Mexico. Originally from Mexico, he has worked for over twelve years promoting grassroots instructional transformation initiatives serving historically marginalized communities and serving as a consultant to the Mexican Ministry of Education. He was the director of Convivencia Educativa, A.C. (Now Redes de Tutoría, S.C.), a small NGO that catalyzed a movement to radically transform conventional classrooms in public schools into learning communities where independent learning and tutorial relationships are practiced by students and teachers. This model inspired the creation of a nationwide policy to radically transform teaching and learning in 9 thousand schools across Mexico. Santiago recently obtained his doctoral degree on Education at Harvard.