sandbox immunity

sandbox immunity

If you have people (or yourself) in a sandbox, immunity seems vital.

If you don’t have people (or yourself) in a sandbox, perhaps you should.

Connected adjacency .. in order to – be real, fully alive, in perpetual beta, and in the vulnerability of context.

Exemption/protection/immunity from prosecution… spaces of permission with nothing to prove.

Perhaps a good trade out word for immunity here – is trust.


p. 127: denial of communion in the revolutionary process, avoidance of dialogue with the people under the pretext of organizing them, of strengthening revolutionary power, or of ensuring a united front, is really a fear of freedom. it is fear of or lack of faith in the people. but if the people cannot be trusted, there is no reason for liberation;

p. 131: Scientific revolutionary humanism cannot, in the name of revolution, treat the oppressed as objects to be analyzed and (based on that analysis) presented with prescriptions for behavior.                                –Paulo Freire