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Ruben is one of idec 2013’s coffee talkers:

idec 2013 coffee talkers

Ruben Solis has been working to advance people’s liberation movements for over 45 years. Ruben co-founded the Southwest Workers’ Union in 1988 in San Antonio, and two decades later, SWU is one of the most significant examples of community labor organizing, racial justice work, and environmental justice organizing in the country. 

In 2011, Ruben founded the University Sin Fronteras [university without walls] to respond to the critical need for advanced social movement study based in practice, history, and theory. Today UNSIF operates in four campuses: Atlanta, San Juan, San Antonio and Detroit. Solis comes from a poor farm worker community and his family was divided by US-Mexico border in 1848.


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The USF mission is to embody and reflect the principles, concerns, and ethics of global people’s struggles. The USF is a public and accessible space for education that advances systemic social change.

We envision education as a vehicle for social movement development, rather than a commodity to be bought, sold, or corrupted. People construct and carry knowledge in multiple ways. Emancipatory education is informed by the wisdom of our communities…

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 Southwest Workers’ Union – since 1988

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