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Advancing the Dialogue: Medication and Mental Illness – A Conversation with Robert Whitaker, Author of “Anatomy of an Epidemic”

Robert starts at 7 min..

1. paradigm care that we have – drugs based – is it working for our society – is it easing mental ills

2. is it helping people get well long term

3. where are all the bi-polar patients coming from.. 40 yrs ago manic depressive was a rare disorder

4. is it helping children grow up and thrive as adults.. all this doping of kids

5. if we see deficiencies with this paradigm.. what might we do differently


1987 (arrival of prozac)  – spent $800 million – 1.25 mill on disability – 16,200 children

2008   – spent $40 billion  – 4 mill on disability – 600,000 children

1100 people every day going on to diagnosis of mental illness


natural course of major depression – w or w/o treatment – people will eventually get better..


getting better faster.. but lapsing back in sooner


evidence showing those that are not drugged do better over all – nimh



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