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intro’d to Robert and la kitchen as shared by Sandy.

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I oftentimes refer to the fact that the number one challenge for your generation is – will you redefine what success and happiness looks like, instead of mimicking the folly that led to the economic implosion that my generation did (big salary, big house, big cars)?

I’ve always thought that one of the greatest failures I’ve ever seen has been my generation’s version of success…and I hope we can, in our older years, acknowledge that.

I’m hoping more and more people of my generation will turn to your generation and say, “I spent years and years chasing money and junk. Now that I’m 70, I see how fucked up that was, and take my word for it, it didn’t buy me happiness.” It can be a powerful lesson and I’m hoping that I’ll be part of exposing it.


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40% food waste a day.

every body working together.


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