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nobody has time for an entire generation any more

Published on Mar 2, 2012

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We live in a fast-paced environment; the modern human is impatient. This fact also changed his expectations towards culture. Peter Sloterdijk lets us know why we pack culture into projects that are the essence of landscape, regional and city planning.

capitalism is a machine to accelerate change through cultural projects that bypass generational reproduction.,,

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by Helene Finidori

Acceleration of slowness and wholeness…
If capitalism is an accelerator of cultural projects, how can it be put to work to change paradigm?
I like Alexander’s quote: “…work in piecemeal ways to decentralize the process of learning and enrich it through contact with many places and people all over the city: workshops, teachers at home or walking through the city, professionals willing to take on the young as helpers, older children teaching younger children, museums, youth groups traveling, scholarly seminars, industrial workshops, old people, and so on. Conceive of all these situations as forming the backbone of the learning process; survey all these situations, describe them, and publish them as the city’s “curriculum“; then let students, children, their families and neighborhoods weave together for themselves the situations that comprise their “school” paying as they go with standard vouchers, raised by community tax. Build new educational facilities in a way which extends and enriches this network.”Encounters with and making sense of diversity is key to learning… Learning as a journey of discovery, transforming learners into explorers…


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