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We met up with Paul, maybe 2 yrs ago?

Started hanging out with him on TTT (EdTechTalks – Teachers Teaching Teachers).

A space where some of our kids shared their voice.

Paul has been hosting these sessions, every Wed night, 9pm est for ? (how many years?). The site was started by Dave Cormier and Jeff Lebow.

edtechtalk site
Paul is an English Teacher at Bronx Academy Senior High, NYC.

He’s got his hand a bunch of different places, the National Writing Project is one.

Paul instigated youth voices for a lot of people, but in particular, his kids in the Bronx.

youth voices site

He’s recently done quite a bit of work with P2PU (via Karen) and badging and getting detox (be you) on the site.

Click the graphic above, and listen in.

If you want to see the badging/p2pu/detox all together – choose the option – play – 4 to the right of home.

Find/follow Paul just about everywhere.. perhaps try his tumblr:

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Streamed live on Dec 10, 2014

Join a group of high school students who have been creating spaces on to learn, discuss, and take action around a #fergusonsyllabus  because #blacklivesmatter  Join us at at 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific

Black Lives Matter – Youth Voices Students and Teachers

Ariana – race makes it bad.. but if you take race out – it’s still a problem.. ie: killing innocent people

Carlos (student of Chris) – racial diversity in the police force – utah least diverse police force in the nation

Jo’s boys – one was part of berkley protest – need to look at police like human beings..

other son didn’t go – because he had an assignment he had to finish

students that didn’t want to join tonight.. 1 – too fresh 2 – not sure i could control myself – also worried about killing each other

Sam Reed –

how did you organize..?

basically student govt.. as long as student led and not teacher led.. during school hrs

31 min – Kristin.. i believe this is a human issue. because there are so many other examples..

Paul – 21 times more likely that blacks will get shot by a cop – so people are saying this is a race issue.. beyond police brutality

Al – citizens don’t have to fight for rights… originally started to protect property.. never been a time where police weren’t used to protect white man’s property.. meaning … this isn’t a new phenomenon..

Ariana – npr report that only negative stories sell.. so if bunch of people doing good peacefully – not a story

interesting feed as i’m watching this day after livestream:

44 min – Christopher – violent vs non-violent protests

Jo’s son – while walking with friends of color – totally deflate when walking by police officer (ie: hands out of pockets, hoods off, acknowledge but not direct eye contact) whoa.

one of Paul’s student’s issue is bullying.. and in his mind those cops where being bullies.. there’s this soup of violence

Chris – soup of violence – – > role of mental health.. not treating teens mental health issues leads to some of these violent school shootings. police afraid that people with hands in pockets have weapons in there

51 min – Al – broad brush of mental health issues.. if we say someone who acts characteristically violent is suffering from mental health issues.. that would include police, grand juries… ie: somethings the matter with a lot of people’s thought processes… watching video of person getting choked… et al … a pattern of systemic – epigenetic effect. one thing that is advantageous for poc is to have a high tolerance of injustice. being engineered to beg the oppressor to stop. there’s a huge problem larger than a couple of bad cops… some of my best friends are cops

Ariana – i don’t think all cops are bad.. we just hear about the bad ones

Carlos – curious if police here (in utah) is corrupt

Paul – we still live in segregated cities.. and some of us have no idea what’s going on.. so that’s a big part of this…

youth voices has a thread students created:


note (bottom of this page) written for Paul june 2015 – on his self-directed mapping