from the one who intro’d passion as meaty vs floofy.. John Hagel:

Passion, on the other hand, comes in many different forms.  My focus here is on what I call the passion of the explorer. 

This form of passion, most often found in arenas where there is sustained extreme performance improvement, has three primary attributes. First, there’s a long-term commitment to a specific domain. The commitment is not just to learn about the domain, but to make an increasing difference in that domain. The other two attributes are dispositions – orientations to take action in specific contexts.  There’s a questing disposition – a tendency to seek out new challenges, to become excited by them as opportunities to get to that next level of performance and to want to move on to a new challenge as soon as one challenge has been successfully addressed. And then there’s also a connecting disposition – a tendency to seek out and work with anyone who can be helpful in addressing the challenges that are on the horizon. 

Why does all of this matter? As I’ve explored in the Big Shift,we live in a world of mounting performance pressure – it’s not going away.  In that kind of world, we need to find ways to draw out sustained extreme performance improvement.  We simply cannot do that without deep and widespread passion, as I’ve argued elsewhere. The problem is that, based on our recent research into passion levels within the workforce, only 11% of the US workforce has passion about the work they do. If I’m right, narratives can play a key role in drawing out passion, both within each of us and within our institutions.
If we can’t find ways to re-connect with our passion as individuals, we’ll continue to feel mounting stress, become more and more marginalized and ultimately burn out and drop out.  If we can’t find ways as institutions to tap into the passion of our participants, we’ll experience diminishing performance and ultimately topple out of existence.

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