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where we met Kosta – in 2010 – via Noam, along with knowmads… et al. see below…


insight on the name palomar 5:


saturday, august 28, 2010

the learning lab, palomar5, & knowmads

wow @noamkos
this is excellent from the learning lab (click the movie) – – Dr. Thieu Besselink, founder and this from palomar 5
4 min trailer for 60 min movie:

Palomar5 “The Movie” – Trailer from Palomar5 on Vimeo.part 1 of 60 min movie:

Palomar5 – The Movie – Part 1 from Palomar5 on Vimeo.
great ideas:

  • the graveyard – letting go of ideas that take away focus – even if they’re good,
  • palometer – mtg at 6pm each night to report progress to group

part 2:

Palomar5 – The Movie – Part 2 from Palomar5 on Vimeo.

from 2nd movie:
only 25.6% of the world has internet access, only 4.6%  (over 256 kilobits per sec) of the world has broadband access  – spacecamp – build a network that everyone has minimal speed
holy cow – at 5:45 for idea  and 16:27 for Kosta presenting
Kosta Grammatis – oh yay

and check out these students from knowmads – Kwela Hermanns -co-founder – more on knowmads

and yes there’s more.