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started page via listening in on #cfasummit2014 – in particular – session on chattanooga – who shared:

open data game plan






code for america  summit


presented with habitat for humanity –

to gage the development of a neighborhood – key indicators to gage a successful neighborhood – accessible to everyone.

by end of year – 9 cities using it..  – eddie tejeda


expunging juvenile records – juvenile justice system via @cthydng

In #Chicago, there are ~25,000 juvenile arrests yearly. @cthydng discusses how #civictech can change that.

Small mistakes can become big life roadblocks, and the poor are disproportionately affected by this.”

many people can be expunged – but don’t realize it

“what a radical idea, making sure that law makes sense to actual humans”

problem we have – we put solution (apps) before problem..

share the complex people & ideas that collide







Fellowship Spotlight: Denver
David Edinger (City & County of Denver)Drew Wilson (CfA)

We got 100K+ hits on the word ‘schedule’…maybe schedules were the problem.”

7.8 mill on street cleaning tickets

so they built a reminder system for street sweeping tickets

schedules were the problem



defaulting to open


Defaulting to Open
Alan Williams (Code for America)Joy Bonaguro (City and County of San Francisco)Mark Headd (Accela, Inc.)Michal Migurski (CfA)Ryan Branciforte (Trailhead Labs)Ryan Buell (Harvard Business School)
Main Stage

govt as platform – Tim O’Reilly


1. all about long term thinking

2. shared nature

3. accessibility

all about intentionality

open data is what makes govt a platform

“When you build for accessibility, you get the benefit for all.” Great insight from @michalmigurski

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Mark Head

small cities – 500-100,000 – less inclined to open data – why is this important? –  more people live in small cities.. @mheadd #CfASummit

Cities need to open yelp and see their data in there, then they’ll get it”

Adoption rate of #opendata among big cities and small cities is dramatically different. We need to change this.

a people experiment ..

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“If we solve our internal challenges, we help our external users.” —Joy Bonaguro, SF’s Chief Data Officer

motivate the elephant – how to motivate and sustain the change



Susan Crawford on her new book – the responsive city

telling the story of what you’ve been up to

the characters are us

digital agora – rio de janeiro

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agility. flow like water.

co spgs

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panel –

the notion of iteration helps keep the risk down

free\dom free\space as invigorating – (finding lost\invisible energy)

the mindset of ongoing ness matters to mindset

keynote: John Lilly

communication advance are what make the rest possible

architechture is politics – Mitch Kapor – the structure says what you can/can’t do.

architecture as participation is key to how we communicate – defines our communities

the power of architecture – you can be invisible in public (paraphrase)

chaordic ness allows for participation.

images ruling the public discourse.

the obvious conclusion – architects matter.


when we care up front.. the needs become real and the solutions become urgent.  – Bob Sofman


data ness