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Even if Oluvus does land paying customers, the most likely scenario is not that it will become the next big telecom juggernaut, but that it will become an example for other players, like Facebook and Google, who have the financial and technological brawn to scale these projects. “If he is able to demonstrate a successful working model, Facebook may say: ‘Instead of us doing all this research, let’s have Kosta help us,’” says Amir Dossal, an Oluvus advisor who spent 25 years at the United Nations before launching the Global Partnerships Forum. 


We realized how people around the world, and I’m talking about in America too, benefit from knowledge and are empowered by information, so they can start to solve those problems, themselves,”


He says doesn’t care who ultimately gets credit for bringing the world online. What’s important is that it gets done. “You can give a man a fish, and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and feed him for a lifetime,” Grammatis says. “But give the man the internet, and he can teach himself to fish and anything else he wants to do.”



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