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network of centers

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About the Network of Centers

A growing number of academic research institutions are focused on exploring a wide range of important issues concerning the future of the Internet and related technologies. Representing diverse disciplines, methodologies, and viewpoints, these institutions have sought to analyze and understand the growing impact of digital technologies on society and share those findings in such ways that serve the public interest. In the process, they grapple with a complex set of topics and issues of national, regional, and global importance, including policy, regulation and governance, human behavior and social impact, new markets and business models, intellectual property, privacy, and security, and many other issues.

Acknowledging a lack of internationally coordinated research and engagement activities in the areas mentioned above, a group of academic centers launched the Network of Internet and Society Research Centers (in the following referred to as “NoC” or “the Network”) in 2012, a collaborative initiative among academic institutions with a focus on interdisciplinary research on the development, social impact, policy implications, and legal issues concerning the Internet. This collective aims to increase interoperability between participating centers in order to stimulate the creation of new cross-national, cross-disciplinary conversation, debate, teaching, learning, and engagement regarding the most pressing questions around new technologies, social change, and related policy and regulatory developments.


intro’d to them when Urs Gasser was presenting their research to study distributed governance groups

1st mundial mtg aug 2014:
he starts at 31:45
1:30 – the 13, 7, 6 principles.. ness?
1:31 – mapping solutions – from nyu – governance – steer a ship – need a map – issue to solution mapping tool –
1:35 – we hope the development of a tool like that – govlab‘s – Stefaan G. Verhulst
1:36 – Urs Gasser from berkman center – focussing on what is meant by distributed governance groups – case studies from various countries.. present oct,