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Loosely inspired by a remarkable true story, this warm, likeable film adds a romantic-comedy subplot to an already irresistible underdog tale. In 2008, Nadir Dendoune reached the summit of Everest, and held up a handwritten sign – ’93’ in tribute to the Parisian banlieue where he grew up.

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and this from 2005 irish times.. Routine racism: an Arab’s story

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The 33-year-old son of an Algerian immigrant labourer, born and raised in the housing projects of the Seine-Saint-Denis department, which exploded in rioting over the past week, Dendoune watched neighbours shooting up with syringes as a child and became a petty thief as a teenager, writes Lara Marlowe.

After two weeks in prison at the age of 17, “white people told my mother I was racaille (scum). My mother’s tears set me in the right direction,” he says. “Growing up in the banlieue [ suburbs] made me fearless. But if you have the slightest weakness, you sink.”

After obtaining his French baccalauréat, Dendoune headed for Australia with a rucksack. He stayed eight years, doing odd jobs, and became a dual French-Australian citizen. In March 2003, he became a “human shield” during the US bombardment of Iraq, an experience he recorded in A Pacifist’s War Diary, published last February.

“They asked me, ‘What are you doing with a camera?’, because when they see an Arab with a camera, it’s got to be stolen,” Dendoune explains. “They said ‘tu’ to me. I said, ‘It’s vous’. I lost a quarter of an hour.” The worst thing about such incidents, Dendoune says, is that he can never be certain that they are based in racism.

“But you always wonder. None of the other students at the CFJ has ever been stopped carrying a camera. Whenever I’m in a middle-class place, old ladies move their handbags out of my reach. I can’t be certain it’s because I’m an Arab, but I think so.”

When he was growing up, Dendoune says, “I was seen as a potential mugger”. But after September 11th, and more recently the London bombings, “people regard me as a potential terrorist. The look in their eyes is horrible. And now with Ni Putes Ni Soumises (Neither Whores nor Submissive – a feminist group from the immigrant suburbs) I’m considered a potential rapist. Thief, bomber, rapist; try to live with that. It’s too much.”

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2 min clip from 2011 film by nadir – lady talking about treatment of palestinians – []

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another 2 min clip from 2013 – on freeing him – []


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Nadir Dendoune , born onin Saint-Denis , is a journalist and a writer. He is the author of Pacifist’s War Diary , Open Letter to an Immigrant’s Son, and Un tocard on the Roof of the World .

He is of triple nationality, French, Algerian and Australian