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The Minerva Schools at KGI were established in 2012 to provide an extraordinary liberal arts and sciences education to the brightest, most motivated students in the world. We believe that preparing such students to become the next generation of global leaders and innovators will positively impact our collective future.

We are dedicated to ensuring our students are equipped to fulfill their enormous potential. By combining a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum, advanced learning technology, and immersive cultural experiences, we train our students to solve the most complex global challenges. Our expert instruction, based on the science of learning, instills the fundamental cognitive skills and critical knowledge needed for success in any field.

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Founder Ben Nelson and Founding Dean Stephen Kosslyn


jan 2015

Students test concept of elite, lower-cost, no-campus college


A typical day for college freshman Yoel Ferdman might include a class held at a local coffee shop, an afternoon trip to the opera and an ethnic dinner cooked with fellow students.

Ferdman, 17, is a member of the founding class at Minerva Schools at Keck Graduate Institute. It’s a four-year, accredited undergraduate degree program aimed at teaching students critical thinking, creativity and communication skills.

Since last September, Ferdman and 27-other students from the United States, Israel, Malaysia and eleven other countries have been testing the innovative curriculum.


In September, Minerva will welcome its first full freshman class of 100 or so students. In the meantime, the founding class will take a year off before joining the 2016 group for their collective second Minerva year in Argentina and Germany.

Minerva has received thousands of applications from more than 120 countries for the fall 2016 class. It has no specific admissions cap and is still accepting applications on a rolling basis through March 15, 2015.



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