mind up

via Goldie Hawn, the hawn foundation, and Dan Siegel..


9:52 – schools are imprisoning our brains..

breathing – as brain hygiene practice


imagine mindUP on **steroids.. no?

**not within a classroom, under the arm of testing, et al… in the cityas the day.


dec 2014:


Neuroscience + Mindful Awareness Training = Thriving Children

30 min – saving their soul..

what if doing this in school is a bandaid solution.. and why there’s need for more resources..

49 – min – i don’t think you (old age) can go into the classroom.. and we aren’t yet immersed in disabilities..not enough resources.

so again – perhaps beyond classroom – ie: city

but – in classroom is where people are now.. i get that. 400000 now.

55 min – change the world in a decade..?

$10000 for a school training