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We met Michelle at our first TEDx. Peter was speaking, so along came she.

Blessing us with her energy/love/insight.

She coached Cristian in particular.. the night before his first tedx/talk.

She’s a tedx coach. Here she is talking at TEDxPoynterInstitute

10:13 – school killing curiosity

16:23 – spend time with time wasters – these are the curious

18:33 – i hope that you doodle, the future of journalism is you, connecting the dots

Find her many places, perhaps here:

michelle's site

[how do you innovate]


her latest venture..

Official announcement: This friday I head to Bilbao, Spain to begin Deusto University Executive Masters of Business Innovation Program. I have been selected for a unique Fellowship as a collaborator/partner to design and implement visual thinking modules for the year long international program while I earn the MBI degree.www.tinyurl.com/DeustoMBI . Our hope is this is the beginning of a long term partnership.
Deusto Business School –
The MBI includes the development of individual innovation projects that provide high value to the participants and their organisations.
It is a 7 week program over the course of the year….so I will be in Bilbao for 1 week, then back in St. Pete. I head to Madrid in May, Florence in June, San Sebastian in September, Madrid in November, England in January and back in Bilbao in March 2014. It will be a great year.
Kathleen Taylor (the expert on aliveness) comments:  I’m so continually impressed by you. Congratulations. You are so alive!
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The @TransformGov is honored to announce @michellesroyal, CEO @discoverRIDG as 2017 TLG Senior Fellow! MUST READ: https://t.co/9hASp5bpas

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/SamAtElevate/status/840251161680711680


one of her suckapalooza videos: day 8
reset breath:


rather than take a deep breath.. breathe out first then in thru nose

has calming effect because it releases all the carbon dioxide toxins that are trapped in the lungs.. and allows for all the oxygen to really sink in.. whenever you take your inhale.. because a lot of times we’re inhaling on top of a toxic or co2 filled lung system.. it’s just not healthy