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1. carries a pad around writing down annoyances… as opportunities to solve a problem

2. professional googler/wikipedia-er

3. found out:

As Ms. Perry soon learned, there are very good reasons that we don’t beam electricity through the air. Though you can transmit the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from radio waves to gamma rays, there are problems. “I realized that anything on the right half of the spectrum was too dangerous to beam,” she said, “and anything on the left half of the spectrum that was closer to radio was either too inefficient or tightly regulated by the government.”

4. silo – no-ing

Her idea, she discovered, meant marrying the fields of sound, electricity, battery technology and other subspecialties. “It was such a multidisciplinary idea,” she said, “and everyone in each different department basically told me that there was basically no way that you could get past all the hurdles.”

5. After being rejected by literally hundreds of investors — maybe not hundreds, maybe not literally — but lots of investors,” she said, she decided to research who had financed “crazy things,”

6. It’s one thing to pull an idea out of your head and shape it into a prototype. But it’s a whole other thing to figure out how that device will get out of your test kitchen and into the marketplace.


how can one thing be applied to something else in the world

these all seem like crazy ideas.. but maybe they just haven’t been developed yet

experts – sometimes hindered because they know too much

without constraints of engrained frameworks..

in just two days – learned how to wire power through the air

there is a lot of creativity in the world that is not being harnessed

thinking – if i had thought about it – how could it work – why hadn’t anyone else thought about it

if this could work – why hadn’t it been done before….

be skeptical of experts

as a non-expert – i had an advantage

how many game-changing ideas have been squashed…?


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this is huge:

We have this bizarre sense that the rest of the world is working on things, fixing our problems, curing our cancer, making sure global warming or nuclear warfare won’t actually kill us all.  It’s the sense that “there are problems, but they’ll all work out, because others will find solutions”. 

This is passivity via false comfort.  I think we tend to feel this way because there are 7+ billion other people on Earth and the issues we want solved are overwhelmingly massive.  Someone else will figure it out – they have to, right? 

But when most of the world has this mentality, you have to wonder – who is that someone?  

We make a lot of excuses for why we aren’t the right people to solve problems, or why it isn’t the right time in our lives.  I get it.  We’re all busy people with crazy lives, and “it’s late and I’m tired, and I have so much to do”. 

Others will solve it.  Others who know more than me. 

We give up on a lot of problems that feel too big for us to tackle.   We accept problems too easily, and let bad things happen to us because it’s easier not to fight. With this passive mentality, problems won’t ever be solved, or they’ll drag on for years until someone else steps up to the plate.   We need to stop relying on others to fix the world, take ownership, and be the pioneers of our future.   

We need to change our mentality to: “If I don’t do this, no one will”. 


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The startup that wants to charge all your electronics wirelessly finally reveals how it works

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