memories of money

just one little thread of a memory of money:

i remember always saving whatever.

finding a quarter in the sand at the pool. (in those days enough to buy something at the snack bar.)

saving it.

getting 50 cents an hour at my first job. basket girl. at the pool.

saving it.

lots of jobs.

saving it.

going to an expensive college. for 1.5 years. till my money ran out.

there. just like i was supposed to.

no debt.


seeking a first house. had to get a credit card. had no proof of ability to pay off debt.


that’s when it first hit me. we live by debt? our value/trust is in debt?

once in debt.. trying to save .. and watching everything balance back to zero.. which meant negative. or negative negative.

recently reading about a new bitcoin-type organization. their claim read:

..allowing us to bypass trust.

so yeah.