mathias jud

mathias jud

intro’d to Mathias here: – ted global london 2015 – Art that lets you talk back to NSA spies

if people are spying on us.. it stands to reason they have to listen to what we are saying..

not sophisticated.. makeshift… totally obvious and visible

program named – can you hear me

messages: 15,000+ messages sent… do the right thing; make love not cyberwar

if we become aware of the terms and conditions of communication.. allows us to look behind the regulation that limits our world view

6 min – actual example – fate of people living in makeshift settlements on outskirts of paris.. hidden… not poverty/racism/exclusion that are new.. what is new.. how realities are hidden.. and people are made invisible in an age of global and overwhelming communication/exchange.. such makeshift settlements are considered illegal and therefore those living in them don’t have a chance of making their voices heard. on the contrary.. every time they are heard..every time they risk becoming visible.. expulsion/persecution…

we were searching for an interface and we found one – not a virtual but a physical – hotel gelem – here.. the roma families are not the travelers.. the visitors are.. not a minority.. the visitors are

the point is not to make judgments.. but rather to find out about the context that determines this disparate and seemingly insurmountable confrontations  .. continents drifting closer.. but same time.. privileged and excluded gap is growing

8 min – asylum seekers in australia area taken to prison or deported.. procedures declared secret military operations..  detained w/o trial .. sometimes for years..

9 min – queensland uni installation… direction to each detention center.. w/headset – could talk to refugees w/o fear of consequences..

10 min – info that could save people is being censored..  provision of such info is being criminalized..

we should not take it for granted to be boundlessly connected.. we should start making our own connections..

fighting for this idea for an equal and globally interconnected world. this is essential to overcome our speachlessness and separation provoked by rival political forces. it is only in truly exposing ourselves through the transformative power of this experience that we can overcome prejudice and exclusion


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