mark johnson – principal

mark johnson bw

Mark was the principal at the school the lab hatched from.

He was very supportive of experimenting with alternate means to learning. We’re sure he dealt with many conversations, that most likely started, What the heck are they doing?

For this, and many other means of support he offered us, we are continually thankful.

A story we love:

As principal, Mark would take groups on tour, in particular, groups of pre-teachers that did some of their training at our high school. What Mark would do, is take them to three different rooms. The first, a very formally structured room, then one within the confines of formal structure – but with an element of play, the third, was the lab. After the tour, he would ask if they noticed this progression.

Then he would share with them, his experiences in talking to students leaving those spaces. He said that students coming out of the first two rooms, when asked what they had just learned, often said/shared very little. The students leaving the lab, however, he couldn’t get to stop talking/sharing.

We realize this is just an observation. Many factors at play. But the story is great. Leaving us with the burning question – how to keep us all – foaming at the mouth, hungry for more..?