maria scordialos

maria scordialos

intro’d to Maria here (convo with Charles on greece july 2015):

Maria Scordialos is a co-founder of the Living Wholeness Institute, that is researching and prototyping systemic transformation projects and practices, based at Axladitsa Avatakia, a farm and home that hosts immersion learning in Pelion, Greece.

3 min – charles – on likeness to scotland and being based on fear

8 min – maria on commons ness… much based on squatting

10 min – charles – commons ness – solidarity building – insulates us against fear.. more important than the referendum

13 min – maria – worst nightmare – people hearing fear – this is what will hold us back

16 min – maria – answer to the fear is solidarity..

authenticity and attachment

17 min – maria  – on how individualistic and tribal we are – thinking of only our own family…

18 min – maria: greek word – philopemo – i can only see myself in your eyes.. if i harm you i harm myself .. charles – in southern africa: ubuntu – our well-being is not fundamentally separate

i know you ness


jan 2014 – Greece, democracy reborn through participation: TEDxLeiden

7 min – on the rising up of the soul of helene – the resilience..

8 min – the radio station was closed .. the airwaves were closed… but the resilience was awoken

12 min – on being released from oppression and coming together in solidarity toward self-organizing ness

13 min – on longing in our blood.. our dna…  our greek wild soul

14 min – participation is the foundation of democracy.. not an x every 4 or 5 years..