m of care – apr 22

22 April 2021 – General Assembly. Agenda: Museum of Care projects, new proposals for how to curate 
the Museum of Care. 
Join us at 20:00 GTM
(in 45 minute)
Meeting ID: 604 596 7588
Passcode: CITY

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/nikadubrovsky/status/1385296564130918404


notes/quotes from meeting:

updates on projects – charlie hosting

nika on prison?

clive on mapping.. like wayfaring in a museum.. what would that be like if wanted to get lost et al.. we’ll look at how you can reach/expand each room

john put pdf in chat on his student project – irl to url – bunch of diff projects/rooms.. course on design.. to expand idea of what we think is possible.. hack/punk tech to do weird/unusual things.. creating tools for others to use

simona on discord – to john and clive.. your proposals look static to me.. my goal is that people can jump in/out of rooms.. to this.. people need to know which are the rooms.. static for showing objects and not living things.. so what i did was less fascinating ppt.. sorry.. i took screen shots of current discord channel and made proposals on what we should in my opinion instead of it.. because i think discord could be a powerful tool to jump in and know.. i think m of care projects could be our rooms.. so my proposal is on how to structure the discord channel.. ie: 1\ when we land – in discord.. should have welcome.. short explanation and how to use 2\ should have current projects 3\ should have place to suggest new projects 4\ in between zoom assemblies 5\ play with roles.. diff colors to diff roles.. that way can decide which project you want to be in.. that’s it for discord.. on general note.. i would like to have the less structure possible.. but enough to have a place where we share ideas and decide what we discuss in next assemble/reading group.. could be a google doc.. but need a moment to decide what on what date.. in this way.. we don’t need curators.. or at least curators should be those responsible for letting it work but nothing more

nika: i think very important to have a curator.. not about just keeping things as they are .. but bringing in new things and arranging them..

dennis: in beginning residencies.. now .. is that off now? is there still attempt to connect space w people’s ideas (all seems virtual now)

nika: for my side.. david’s house.. would only be available in next summer.. because covid.. so keep talking and see how it goes.. i think ‘rooms’ came up from that.. so along line.. we’ll see how it goes.. for nobody can travel.. so original idea frozen until we can

simona: i made an attempt to make a discord server.. calendar is easy.. problem is what you put inside.. how you decide what will go on calendar and who puts it.. now museum rooms are more the projects than physical rooms.. this is ok for me.. if we just had calendar where i could see ie: monday had ___ group meeting.. i could join this group.. so my ie: 1\ welcome space 2\ chit chat space .. no goals 3\ assembly suggestions 4\ reading group 5\ place to continue discussing reading 6\ book tips 7\ projects

anca: question about deciding agenda for assemblies.. how do you see that happening? would curator be in charge of handling that channel.. how are we deciding the agenda

nika: i would suggest curators decide/propose.. because for short time.. or.. trust everyone.. and no one in charge.. and (until) we’re too big

vassily: on past reading groups.. shared library doc.. we are talking about a room that has been running from beginning.. so something immediate and easy to org.. i’m sure this can keep going for a few more years.. david wrote quite a lot.. we’ve been experimenting.. if want to facil.. get in touch with us.. would be good to do a reading group for marshall sahlins.. maybe on kings


on kings

nika: on two scheduled events.. ie: may 13 and.. david wrote a book about pirates.. so some on that.. but i would suggest we do it every 2 weeks.. we can just decide in the reading group.. i think this reading group is a very specific project.. only one room.. need no money/funding.. doesn’t have to be on david’s writing.. wherever people want to go

yash: for new reading groups.. new room? or thru you and vassily as ‘additional reading groups’.. ie: additional reading group.. so new room/channel or ?

nika: i think if you try to make decision/agenda in one group.. might have problem.. so i think create something new

vassily: but do we use fb to advertise other rooms

well.. yeah.. right? m of care is all the rooms?..

now to review on some of rooms/projects: visual assembly, pirates, et al

elizabeth: visual assembly update.. thru her class.. hoping for lexicon on symbols for stenciling.. and i think we’ll have some stock characters.. tips for costume making.. like a facil process.. there’s a group dynamic where facil in zoom are pulling collective intell.. so maybe something like that in public space..

nika translated for oleg sharing on z’s project

nika: so i translated to oleg what others are doing so maybe we can start a convo..

dennis: i don’t understand the connection.. i know they (z’s) are coming.. but are we planning to share m of ideas w those on boat and have them join..? or what

nika translating for oleg: z’s are one of most important things not just the 5 people.. connection between european artist and z’s will be crucial..

dennis: my question is diff.. dennis asks oleg direct thru spanish..

love this

would have liked dennis to share oleg’s answer

dennis: what oleg said in spanish.. yeah.. my question was if visual assembly was extended to z’s.. but sounds like that’s not the case.. since planning to leave soon.. seems unlikely they will participate if no invitation

nika: we working with ___ who is org ing z’s .. so we will be part of their artistic events.. there will be many.. one is visual assembly..

oihane: i think what oleg said is they got an invitation.. but they are busy.. so to go on with what we’re doing

dennis: i think there is a process there.. i sent an invite and got answer back

anca: so what does that mean.. to work on this before they arrive.. how do we participate

nika: good question..

elizabeth: the way i find it helpful to think of va.. it’s a powerful pencil.. a multi authored drawing.. in public space.. to create a vision for something.. so in our lab.. experimenting w the tools and preparing diff pieces diff groups can use to form their particular pencil.. so what would be of benefit would be people who are interested in practicing.. ie: drawing outside.. since haven’t had that opp (w covid).. so concerning the timing w z’s .. i’m exciting to continue developing tools that can be used for that

nika: so .. for participation.. i will be in madrid.. and will invite everyone to come.. physical space.. but we don’t know yet how to use zoom and invite people from other parts.. don’t have an answer .. maybe we should use discord to discuss this..

simona: diem25 sent offer to z’s and they answered w long/detailed lists of requests.. and we are org ing on how to answer on some of those requests.. a comrade in one m of care hosting sent us a description of what they are doing in network in germany.. so we have some connections for germany, spain, italy, and we are starting to work on those proposals.. the idea.. is to connect activists in all of europe .. no matter which org they belong to.. or if they don’t.. so i think va can be an important part to connect ideas and activists.. i’m interested that every group is one part of whole project and how we can coop in it

use tech to augment our interconnectedness

simona: another project.. rentvolution.. squatting for maybe 24 hrs.. so not long enough to get chased.. we’d like to have a va for that

nika sharing on fighting club.. now moving into real fights.. and a theatrical event.. ie: ___ just wrote one between david and adam smith.. so july 23 london.. hopefully w real live fight.. production.. and collab w people from berlin who are also doing some 3d stuff

anca on how to make decisions: interviews we’ve done so far.. anyone can add to it.. i feel i’m done w it.. i documented and it’s there.. nika working w matt on how do formulate it.. simona doing ___.. and i’m very curious on how this room is going to work on how we make decisions and curate between rooms.. (in entire museum)


charlie: i like seeing how this is all happening w no one in charge.. messy.. but amazing seeing it all come together..

suggestions for new projects:

nika: i would suggest another assembly in may specifically about how we should curate.. and can propose curatorial team..

charlie: may 27 for that

nika: so next thurs simona reading group on possibilities.. then may 6 empty.. then may 13 is a chuck .. .. so if do every 2nd week..

simona: i would like to ask comrads from rentvolution to come.. so i’d like to find a date




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