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Both of these things- the lack of access for extended periods of time, and the fact that unschooling has to be your everyday life, and not separate from it, are the foundations for why I believe I can’t teach anyone to unschool.
If I come into your life with the purpose of teaching you something, my very presence makes things different.
Unless I live with you, I am a) not there for extended periods of time, available whenever you need information or advice, and b)not part of your family.
My not being part of your family means I am a guest, and when a family has a guest in their home, their behavior changes significantly.
I can share information. I can offer suggestions. I can tell you what worked for us, and things I’ve heard worked for others. I can suggest resources. I can help you connect with other unschoolers. I can reassure you that unschooling really does work, based on knowing an increasing number of adults who grew up unschooling. I can encourage you to find your own path. 
But I can’t teach you how to do it.