learning shelter

and the beat goes on…. from Marc Roth forward (very cool):

The Learning Shelter – IndieGoGo Launch Party

learning shelter


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In San Francisco, data on homelessness suggest that there are from 7,000 – 13,000 homeless living in this city at any time. All great impact starts with successful prototyping and then scales.

March – May 2014 will see 4 participants in 90 days go from homeless to hacker following in the footsteps of Marc Roth (follow link to see personal story) who managed to bootstrap a new life for himself and his family in San Francisco’s hottest tech learning environment, TechShop SoMa (a maker space where anyone can buy a membership and learn/work on anything from basic sewing, to CNC machining). As a reach back and out of gratitude Marc conceptualized a place built to produce success through training, mentorship, and community. With the help of numerous partners and the Mayor of San Francisco’s amazing workforce development team, it is now coming to fruition….


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