lauren mickelson

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Lauren was part of the original pilot. Brave soul.

Helping us with the idea of an assumed expert in the room, and of being usefully preoccupied.

She connected with Lucy and Hamza and Paul in particular.

Here Lauren is sharing some of the projects we did with Hamza and Paul:

Here she is receiving some letters from the street project:

And here she is reading some of them:

The following year, when kids decided that hardly any of them had an intense passion for school math, and that perhaps they should learn per passion, a small group decided to learn spanish in the lab. Through that experience, we learned two huge things.

1) Self-directed learning per passion – isn’t about no structure, it’s about self-structure.

2) Even if kids are wanting to learn, say spanish, the curricular demands of a required credit trump. So with that directive, perhaps the experts in the classroom are the best place to get those credits. [We do believe, many teachers would be happier and offer students more, if they themselves weren’t bound by the curricular demands. We think many of their creative spirits are being squelched as well.]

Other findings from failings.