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we have a mission to achieve and we need your help otherwise we’re screwed.. what we want to realize is a dream.. so that people can no longer say ‘i’m leaving the south because there’s nothing here’.. we.. with a crew of hotheads.. decided to found a school.. we want to build a better near future… the aim is to favour sharing.. to create a cultural centre where research and teaching take place.. where the public and private sectors meet.. for industry and handicraft.. digital or not.. a place of technological and social innovation in which sharing becomes a flag… we believe that education shapes the future… la scuola open source is above all a community.. a lucky combination of ideas.. and people… we’re digital-artisans/designers/makers/artists/dreamers/innovators… the open source school wants to overturn the educational paradigm… we greet people/ideas/projects to share space/knowledge/values.. and most of all we want it to change the world..


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The Open Source School Redefines Education in Italy | P2P Foundation…

Threading elements of the great educational experiments of Bauhaus and Roycroft Community models together with Pierre Levy’s modern definition of “collective intelligence,” La Scuola Open Source (The Open Source School) embodies the principles of the sharing movement. Its success hinges on cooperative work, co-design, shared skills, and an open source culture. The school’s 13 co-founders believe in the power of people’s collaborative qualities. Their unusual constitution is testimony to this.


Recently, I (Alessia Clusini)talked with two of its co-founders — Lucilla Fiorentino and Alessandro Tartaglia — how digital artisans, creators, artists, designers, programmers, pirates, dreamers, and innovators are collaborating to create Italy’s most important service for social innovation and community development: education.


lucilla/alessandro answer:

I think being able to prototype our idea twice (X in 2013 and XY in 2014) through Laboratori dal Basso (Bottom up Labs, a regional funding program) has been a great fortune.


That’s what we’ll focus on, experimenting and developing the best practices, starting from the co-design of the school itself with the triple workshop XYZ. Of the commons, this is a very important field of research for the future of humanity, and we’ll play our part.

common\ing ness


As the school’s key concept is one of trying to aggregate and prototype new open research, teaching, mentoring, and co-living models (the four axes of the school), this will occur in relation to the patterns emerged during XYZ.


the essence is that there will never be a final result, but only a continuous flow and a constant work-in-progress that will feed itself with mutations and implementations. We, therefore, envision to host periodical XYZ labs according to an iterative and evolutionary logic.


In a way, from the time we are born, we are all hackers.

For us, the hacker ethic (as opposed to the protestant work ethic) is a key issue. .. being collaborative, adaptive, and recursive, we should use this approach in all fields of knowledge in order to ensure new possibilities for everyone.


Ours is an artisanal weaving work. In the words of Italo Calvino, “We seek whom or what is not hell amongst the hell we live in every day by trying to defend and give them space.”


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La prima Scuola Open Source, dedicata all’innovazione sociale e tecnologica, e alla condivisione della conoscenza.

The first Open Source School, dedicated social and technological innovation, and the sharing of knowledge.

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