krypton community college

krypton community college

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Here’s a quick tactical overview of what Krypton offers:

  • Every month, a new course.
  • Each course is based around the work of an author/teacher/scholar/speaker… someone with something to say and a track record doing it.
  • A PDF with links to online and offline content (videos, essays and books) along with questions gets posted a week or so before the course starts.
  • Each course has a local leader (hopefully, that’s you) and about a dozen friends and colleagues who sign up to participate, in person.
  • The group meets every week for four weeks.
  • The dynamic is simple and powerful: meeting in a group raises the bar for the discussion, pushes each participant to have a point of view and creates an enjoyable and energizing way to dive deep into the content.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll (Seth Godin) describe these elements in detail, but wanted you to have the tl;dr before we start. As you may remember, it’s all free. Stand by for more…


and here it is..

Krypton Course 001: Seth Godin on shipping

[Updated on September 15, 2013]

Here’s the first course, Go: How to Overcome Fear, Pick Yourself, & Start a Project that Matters.

There are two versions, you can download one or both and share them with those enrolled in the course you’re leading. They are in PDF format, and the files you download have web links throughout, making it easy to click to read the highlighted materials.

Download the Student version

Download the Organizer version

The organizer version is a slightly longer version, it includes notes throughout that cue the leader on exercises and questions that can be used during discussions.

This post will be updated if the course is updated, so feel free to check back here for the latest.

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via the

More than 3,000 people applied to be part of this paid internship (, and 16 spent a fortnight together, sprinting, building, inventing, connecting and generally making a ruckus. Some of what we created sings and dances (and we’ll launch it soon), other bits didn’t quite reach the launch stage, but we all learned essential lessons about what it means to do work that matters.

Team members:
Rachel Ilan Simpson
Grant Spanier
Josh Long
Stefany Cohen
Sankalp Kulshreshtha
Sean O’Connor
Barrett Brooks
Carlos Ignacio Lagrange Delfino
Rachel Fagen
Jeremy Wilson
Tim Walker
Thato Kgatlhanye
Monique Fortenberry
Leslie Madsen Brooks
Erin Lee
Crystal Chang

What a team! For me, the coolest thing is that every single person is on a quest to, “level up.” Not just their own work, but the work of everyone around them.

Go, make something happen…