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kirill b&w

Kirill introduced us to grok, grokking, and instagrok.

We fell in love with his work. It’s been an incredible inspiration to our work, the curiosity app in particular.

Our latest shipment from Kirill:

perhaps it works as our next iteration of the app in the coffee house. perhaps a laptop available for anyone to enter their name, pic if they want, site url if they want, and then their interests (tag words).

just to model more connections.

perhaps Kirill’s instagrok-ish code helps to connect people, and Jerry’s brain-ish code helps to leave a trail of things that matter to the person..?

He’s no doubt inspired this..

a story about all


below is copy from his linkedin profile:

Kirill is the founder of, an innovative educational search engine that allows anyone to learn from the Web in an engaging and personalized way. instaGrok uses a number of state-of-the-art semantic algorithms and insights from cognitive science.

Kirill’s consulting firm Digital Discourse Consulting offers research, prototyping and software development services related to language processing, machine learning and education technologies. Past projects include creating algorithms for topic and sentiment analysis, question/intent detection, vocabulary/grammar/writing feedback and more.

Kirill Kireyev holds a joint PhD (2010) in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from University of Colorado and BS in Computer Science from Cornell University. His dissertation focused on using machine learning algorithms (such as LSA and Topics models) to model psycholinguistic properties of language (such as word difficulty and specificity) and their applications in building interactive and personalized language teaching software technologies.

Over the past 4 years as a researcher/developer for Pearson Education Knowledge Technologies, Kirill developed state-of-the-art educational technologies that included novel algorithms for:
* computational estimation of text complexity
* computational modeling of vocabulary knowledge by language learners
* identification and personalized instruction of vocabulary words
* assessment of writing style and language proficiency.

Prior to that Kirill has worked as a research assistant at University of Colorado, on projects bridging natural language processing and human-computer interaction, including language technologies to assist people with cognitive disabilities, and computer-supported collaborative work.

Kirill is an expert software developer with a broad range of experience, from web applications, to large enterprise platforms to interactive user interfaces.



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