kes sampanthar

kes sampanthar bw

one of our amazing, kindhearted mentors via triiibes.. [in search of expert tutors]

he helped us present at rscon, et al…


friday, march 26, 2010

Kes Sampanthar – one of our amazing expert tutors

Innovations Missing Piece v3 from Kes Sampanthar
whoa Kes –
this Gizmido is you?
have to go here – (couldn’t get video to embed on wordpress)
and this Cynergy magazine kiosk?
and this?
and this microsoft surface?

monday, july 12, 2010

kes sampanthar

his presentation on innovations missing piece
where he’s working now.. coolest site ever.
cynergy site

thursday, august 5, 2010

kes sampanthar

how do we make people care – compelling user experience.
how do we create engaging products
currently – 2 things out there – make it beautiful – make it a game
neither address the fundamental value of how you create compelling user experience
so via Kes – new design paradigm
motivational design
3 stories
1) creator of the lubra is found dead
2) plane crashes
3) head of mafia family dies
user experience and some of the brain research out there:
pleasure: creating beautiful experiences
we always thought liking and wanting came hand in hand
latest research shows – 2 separate circuits
interesting thing about separate circuits can fire independently…
if we focus too much on either side we create some interesting ideas – not very pleasing ones
usability – we’ve said less clicks – but we’re promoting that what we have is not worth it.. ie: what if golf was created where you always put ball right by hole
addiction heavy on the wanting
lipstick on a pig verses what is the pig designed for – heavy on the liking

turn it into a game: you can make that hill really high now – and it will actually make them want to play the game more
if you look at the golf courses around the world, they are beautiful.. but it’s the challenging nature of how you design golf courses that draw people in
what does motivational design consist of
key cognitive ideas around game design
sm – reputation, identity
behavioral econ – our brains are wired differently than we think, we are not the rational creatures that we think
we need to start using these:
1) divinci code – what keeps you wanting to keep turning the pages – info gap theory – keeps creating questions in your head  – not the same as a textbook – what if we used this to redefine ed
2) lost – create enforced episode gaps, communities
3) mafia wars – rewards, schedules, reproductions, sm, recognitions
first thing you will fear that people will use it to manipulate you
is the future about games?….(jessie shelly)
kes says – i don’t think so  – we have to take these motivational design patterns to create more engaging experiences –
mission – use ideas about how our brains actually work to redesign and rethink how we create user -engaging experiences (public policy, health care, global warming, etc..)
it isn’t about software
and it isn’t about gadgets….
let’s reinvent ed…. Kes…
here he is in 2011

mind 4.0


sunday, january 8, 2012

kes sampanthar

Kes Sampanthar (@KesSampanthar)

Take a psychedelic trip through 700 layers of the human

thanks for keeping us up on the latest Kes..
from coffee tables that touch charge you for your magazine. to this visual of the brain.


saturday, january 14, 2012

kes sampanthar

Kes Sampanthar (@KesSampanthar)

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