kellie bashor

kellie bashor bw

Kellie is currently the principal of our district online school.

A personal impact from Kellie, was when she invited me to a dinner with David Warlick, the night before a weekend conference put on by our district. This was my first real conference with people that I had been studying about, ideas I had been dreaming of.

Kellie set the tone, by surprising me with this trust.. that perhaps I had something to offer. Something small, but huge to all of this, having me at this intimate dinner.

That smallness bled into the next day. I swam in it.. soaked it in. Met Jim .. who continued/continues to be a huge element in all of this.

That next night.. I went home and wrote my future job description. That was  that. The beginning of taking charge of my day.

Diane helped make that future job description a reality.

There are so many others.. but these two ladies … in my district.. opened the door that really mattered.. my door.. belief that I did have something to offer… it was the beginnings of learning – that the it (to helping us) is me.

[forever greatful]