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We found some great insight into unschooling via Kate’s words:

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We found Kate via Lisa Nielsen (another incredible resource). Kate is currently not posting on the site above. Read about her here:

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some posts:

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trouble with being exceptional
these notes from listening to her interview with Beatrice of Radio Free School.
the idea of balance
when you learn to love learning – you do things that interest you, whatever things that interest you end up connecting you to a lot of things in a lot of surprising ways..
so you end up being more well-rounded than anyone expects.. but it’s not because you set out to do that

you learn something new in every environment – always learning.. because you’re living

so glad to make the acquaintance of the lovely @EatTheDamnCake

esp love this: when she said – i wish it wasn’t a competition, because no one thing is the answer. we need many choices. (my paraphrase)

and then the interviewer making a comment on questions asked of homeschoolers – that they don’t seem to ask of others.. like – can you socialize, can you adapt to the real world
reminded me of Roger Martin’s The Design of Business, we live in a reliability-oriented world, which we don’t question. validity-oriented thinking, innovation, alternate thinking, is questioned beyond measure and then blown off when the same questions should be asked of everyone. the ones asking the questions are quite often lacking those answers most.
ie: can you adapt to the real world – how far from the real world is public school? life isn’t like a traditional school classroom.

saturday, april 30, 2011

kate fridkis

from the college test: does homeschooling work 

Let me just clarify something: Whether or not homeschooling works has nothing to do with college. College is full of arbitrary measures of success and intelligence, even though it can be fun and you might happen to learn a lot. Also, “does homeschooling work?” is a question that doesn’t make any sense in the first place …. 

Does school work? What about being alive? Well, sometimes, I guess.