julio olalla

amo la vide

remembering amo la vida via nic


look what you have

we chat a lot but we don’t converse a lot..

no matter how crazy/unfitting.. i am embraced… in those moments.. i am free

the more i know the more i realize how ignorant i am

ie: we know everything about trees… so we stop learning about trees…

the fascinating things of having no clue is then you fall in love with the questions….

wisdom is a love affair with questions.. knowledge is a love affair with answers… wisdom you cannot own/patent…

i look for moments of solitude… to just wonder…

i’m so lucky.. it’s unbelievable…

it might be too crazy to add a page for each of the amazing people Nic has featured in his soulbiographies.. though we’d love to.

until/if then.. adding Julio. his video seems to capture so much.

turn out the lights.

put it on full screen.

take it in.


Julio is on these pages – at least:


falling in love with the questions