jr – ted wish 2011

jr bw

trailer of JR’s project documentary – coming out may 20:

loveland inside out project

inside out project site (might still be under construction):

inside out site

write up on TED site:

jr ted wish site

Here's the TED describing the project - TEDwish 2011 (20 min):
Here he is talking about his project starting in 2004 (5 min):
And here's his update of the project at TED 2012 (6 min):

Favorite part at 5:30 min, when he says: come on –

don’t tell me that people aren’t ready for peace out there.

Key to JR’s vision – in each place, it’s up to the people to define their project. No credit, no logos, no sponsoring.


the site says it’s currently down. but if you click on any of the videos along the bottom, they’ll take you to examples via youtube..

like this one:

or this update page on TED’s site shows still shots of different places


oct 2015 – ellis trailer




GIANT PICNIC at the border today in Tecate … around the eye of a dreamer … we forgot the wall for a minute … https://t.co/ECpRmUNFLl

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/JRart/status/917152293111435265

I often found an « angel » that helped us make the impossible possible … The picnic today was clearly forbidden and yet possible… https://t.co/YzjJ4fatfH

45 sec video

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/JRart/status/917409240460910593

from same video post on fb:

For the last 10 years, I have been working in conflict zone, jails, borders and I always found an « angel » that helped us make the impossible possible … The picnic today was clearly forbidden, and yet it was not shut down. It’s always worth trying Roberto De Angelis & Tea by @miamaestro