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.. one of the best connected kids in san francisco

via article on the sub,..and san fran by Nathan Heller.

san fran via nathan heller

I didn’t understand how people like Hwin appeared to float above the exigencies of career.


his post on why we share:

why we share

The story is a chance to shine a light on one of the most compelling happenings in our city today: the emergence of a creative set of mindful, highly leveraged people coming together in community to connect and collaborate in service of their passions and interests. 

It can sometimes be hard to put yourself out there. Being open with others brings up concerns around privacy and invites criticism. It’s hard to show people what we are doing without bringing them into our most private places: where we live, work and talk. But by sharing our lives and experiences we can inspire others. We take the ideas and values we’ve inherited, and share our perspective with the world to show that ..

there exists a different way to be.

As leaders of ideas, creators developing important projects, and mindful citizens, our community has an opportunity to build on the leverage we have living in San Francisco to contribute meaningfully to humanity. This is our shared mission.


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