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Before They Pass Away – 1st episode Vanuatu

Published on Oct 2, 2013

This is the 1st cut of one of the episodes of the potential TV series Before They Pass Away – the making of. In this episode photographer Jimmy Nelson and his team travel to Vanuatu Islands. Out of the chain of 83 islands, they visited 5 and portrayed a tribe on each island.


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jan 2015:

parenting lessons from tribes around the world


And if we don’t find answers soon, these people will go.

If that happens, the world will go upside-down, because these tribes give us the balance of culture, of knowledge of the world’s last natural environments, traditions, languages. The world can’t be all about progress and material wealth. It must also be about consolidation of what we already have, which is a natural, spiritual, mental, cultural wealth. We’ve kept ourselves busy for many, many generations, believing material wealth was the only way forward. We have to regain that balance. That’s all the book is about – it’s about putting these tribes on a pedestal, to start that discussion.


None of these people have the term “happiness”, because they don’t worry about the future, or when they’re going to be happy. They just are.


There’s always human contact. All their needs are being met.

a&a – Gabor Maté

Jean Liedloff


I think we dissociate ourselves too much from our children. In the tribes, there isn’t really a separation of child and adult, or old person, or teenager. The children are as important as the old people, but they have different strengths and weaknesses. Everybody works together as a community, as a unit, because you need each other to function and survive.



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