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jim ziolkoski bw

CEO/founder of buildOn.

buildOn’s new video for our 2013 Breaking the Cycle Campaign featuring the students Jim traveled to Haiti with this February.

build on site

above graphic links to Jim’s story as founder – on site

below links to initiatives in detroit:

build)n detroit


buildOn in chicago

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a nudge to all of us.….

what if much of this work wasn’t after hours… or if the schools they were building – were actually the community/city. ie: local/public maker space, recording studio, robotics studio… et al. city as school.



via http://www.buildon.org/2013/05/07/breaking-the-cycle-joahans-story/


interview dec 2013 msnbc:

Breaking the cycle of poverty
Jim  Ziolkowski, founder and CEO of Build On,” talks about the harsh impact of extreme poverty and explains how one person can “absolutely” change the world.

jim on msnbc


.. he taught me how to die… if you know how to die.. you live each day that much more fully…