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Jiang Xueqin, deputy principal of Tsinghua University High School in Beijing,..

The latest PISA results released this week show that Shanghai schools are still number one, but, as I argued after Shanghai’s first placing in 2009, the triumph comes at too great a cost.

The dog-eat-dog and winner-take-all mentality of China’s school system isn’t just making children unhappy and unhealthy — it’s also causing cheating and bribery, leading to an unfair and unequal school system.


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Jiang Xueqin: I’m going to play devil’s advocate and question the importance of a curriculum-based education for the future success of a child in the global economy of today and tomorrow. And that’s to say, how important are math and science skills versus social skills like trust, empathy, collaboration, self-understanding, perseverance, resilience. And unfortunately I don’t think these things are emphasized enough in the Shanghai schools.

Jiang Xueqin: National curriculum is consistent throughout China. I mean, you have some variation but remember that all schools are working towards the Gaokao. Which is a standardized college entrance examination in China. So, from the first day that students enter the school system, they’re working towards building the knowledge and the test taking ability to do well on the Gaokao, which guarantees their admission into college.

Kristie Lu Stout: So schools in China become, in effect, test prep mills.

Jiang Xueqin: That’s exactly what it is.


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Jiang Xueqin (@xueqinjiang) tweeted at 7:33 AM – 26 Jan 2018 :

I spent 2017 helping Chinese schools design PBL for different disciplines. This year my goal is to develop a general theoretical framework for PBL, and promote it across China. https://t.co/tnP7WdrDJz (http://twitter.com/xueqinjiang/status/956897847827312643?s=17)