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In the midst of being connected to the globe, please continue to strengthen and deepen your connection to yourself. . . #introspection

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agility is

What is needed beyond awareness is courage.

Courage to name and claim the demons that you struggle with and the habits that you know you must break to stop the sabotage causing you to work harder than you need to.

Courage to surround yourself with people you don’t understand that make you feel inferior and ask questions you have never heard asked.

Courage to be the dumbest person in the room to feel the pressure of not knowing and wondering if you belong.

Courage to interrogate reality and say, “I am limited by my awareness as my awareness is incomplete.”

Courage to admit you are lost or do not understand.

Courage to realize the world around you it too homogenous for you to gain proper perspective.

Familiarity can be dangerous. In a world where you can download “the world according to you” we have lost our tolerance and patience for things we don’t like, don’t understand, or feel waste our time. In our personal customization we are being more self-absorbed and aware in a myopic framework. We are losing our ability to be confronted by external forces that are foreign. There is value in friction and perhaps the greatest friction of all is our humility.