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talking about her recent endeavor – the restart project:

Putting an end to electronic waste : TEDxBrixton

repair, reuse, recycle.. we’ve lost the first two r’s (ie: smash your useable laptop so we can recycle it)

rrr phone

the media talks about the outer circle.. the inner circle is pretty likely to be local, face to face (ie: ben)

we’ve lost our repair muscles.. so we’ve started restart parties…

now i decide when i dispose of my phone

what if you could find ben every time you needed him..

the inner circle – the repair – is the person to person power


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About me

I am an American/British novice anthropologist and blogger, an ex-“aid worker” looking to work on transformational projects involving communication, technology and new economies. I am seeking out flashes of the possible, bold alternatives.


she works with global voices.. and in mozambique – Sharon Peters?

from her vitae –  meeting Amy Goodman at 17 got her intrigued in East Timor/genocide. led her to brown uni and development studies..

her work with newspaper in mozambique:

her page on global voices:

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