jacob george

jacob george

founder of veterans against war committee

Jacob did all he could as a warrior to speak and to warn about the dangers of war. Jacob spoke to me often of moral injury, and he once told me about meeting a Vietnam Veteran who felt that every war was his war, who blamed himself for not stopping each war that happened, one after the next. Jacob felt that burden. I don’t know why Jacob did what he did. But I know that he was disappointed in his country because of its treatment of veterans. I know he was worried about impending war. I cannot help but wonder if he blamed himself for the current warmongering in Iraq and Syria. I am angry at the world. Whatever Jacob was dealing with, I know that the world made it harder for him. But there are many sources of pain in a person’s life, and only he knows the story that led up to his last decision.




the absurdity of poor farmers sent to kill poor farmers while people are starving…

all of us need to heal




This article by Aaron Glantz reveals the startling reality that the suicide rate among veterans is 300% higher than the rate of death in combat.




no man is an island