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first met Isaac when he was working at the Patchwork School. we met up for coffee and my world grew. most resonate – he intro’d me to Yaacov, et al.


Isaac began his journey in democratic education at a very young age having attended The Free School (Albany, NY), the longest running inner-city democratic school in the United States. Since graduating, he has worked extensively in the field as an educator, speaker, and organizer.

Isaac has spoken nationally and internationally, co-founded and taught at Harriet Tubman Democratic High School, blogs for the Institute for Democratic Education in America, and serves as a board member at The Patchwork School in Louisville, Colorado. Prior to his role at Patchwork, Isaac served as the outreach and conference coordinator for the Alternative Education Resource Organization. Currently, Isaac is writing a book about the relationship between community and education and serving on the leadership team for the 2013 International Democratic Education Conference.

find/follow him here (where we got above desicription):

isaac graves site

Chris Mercogliano writes about Isaac in his book, In Defense of Childhood.

1 hour documentary on Albany Free School

Free to Learn: A Radical Experiment in Education from Isaac Graves on Vimeo.