insideout project – loveland


(from 2011-12?)

we now have a local donor who will enlarge 2 posters a week.

CHOOSE/TAKE A PHOTO (1MB Minimum File Size) Poster size printed: 36 x 53″ Pixels: 1800 w x 2681 h. Resolution: 100 to 150 dpi; b & w headshots..

option: have people hold up one word/sentence about what matters to them, could be written on paper/cardboard/arm.

please email images to Cristian: cristianleobardo11@gmail (dot) com

note: photo/poster and person’s word/story as another prototype to app.


trailer of JR‘s project documentary – coming out may 20:



another cool/similar project – 6 word memoirs city-wide.


We’ve got 10 pictures we are going to put up in Loveland. Initially the spaces we’ll be using: Art wall just east of Heartland Cafe, Anthology, Road Narrows, Feed & Grain, and fence just north of Feed & Grain.

We have posters like these to start with (posters are of individuals and are approximately 36×54 inches)…

be you portraits

We plan to get a 1-2 minute video of each person, talking about what matters to them – their art/passion/curiosity, and paste a qr code to the video beside the person’s poster. Part of JR’s vision is that the posters aren’t to sell anything, they are simply to tell the stories of people.

Here's our first two going up - via Cristian and Marcie:
via newspaper [pics added are of Sierra and Barry]
cristian inside out
Week 2:
satori & delaney 1 

satori & delaney 2
[pics are of Satori and Delaney]

JR page on this site.
Here's the TED describing the project - TEDwish 2011 (20 min):
Here he is talking about his project starting in 2004 (5 min):
And here's his update of the project at TED 2012 (6 min):

Favorite part at 5:30 min, when he says: come on – don’t tell me that people aren’t ready for peace out there.

Also love at 2:30 – the real heroes are not always where you think they are, sometimes they are right in front of you.

Key to JR’s vision – in each place, it’s up to the people to define their project. No credit, no logos, no sponsoring.

the site says it’s currently down. but if you click on any of the videos along the bottom, they’ll take you to examples via youtube..

like this one:

or this update page on TED’s site shows still shots of different places


If you’re interested in being a part of this project

[ie: you want a poster on your building, you want to be in a poster, you want to help take photos – enlarge them – paste them up, take video of people’s story, help with the finances of enlarging the photos, …]

give us a holler on the email button top right of this site, or contact one of us via the contact page.

[Cristian is listed first on this page – and he is heading this project up.]