in search of expert tutors

sunday, january 17, 2010

in search of expert individual tutors

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 a revised post after some great insight from good people. grazie michael and chris..
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the situation:

2nd semester for 30 *some high school students who are piloting an open sourced pre-ap algebra 2 class.

Take a listen to Gus:

Here are: *most of the rest.

Findings from our first semester are telling us:
1) We need the most efficient way to gather in our brains the boxed math.
2) We need expert individual tutors and personal learning networks picked by passion to drive everything else.

the goal:

to disrupt class as we know it in public ed by individualizing to infinity via the use of open sourced info and people through smart networking. Connections per passion over (over – not instead of) content per standardization.
Gus again, urging us mid-1st semester to get through the messiness of something new

the reason:

because one-size doesn’t fit all – and technology is allowing us the ability to tailor to suit each kid per their gifts/talents/passions/needs.

Education is about developing human beings, and human development is not mechanical or linear. 

The answer is not to standardize education, but to personalize and customize it to the needs of each child and community. There is no alternative. There never was. –Sir Ken Robinson

the searchexpert individual tutors not just willing to volunteer time to one of these kids, but craving an opportunity such as this… to invest in the future of a high school student … one that comes very close to having same passions as you do currently or as you did in highschool. To clarify: we are not seeking Algebra 2 experts.
Our “expert tutor description” … for highschool anyway.. includes the ability to do these 4 things:
1. motivate
2. make connections
3. increase student activity
4. improve student reflections
We want high school time to be spent more on things kids are passionate about.. things they will actually be doing in the future.
Take a listen to Jessica, former student, now 2nd year uni..


Once we’ve taken care of the boxed math… kids should have that option. Some kids will want a math tutor, because boxed math is their passion. Other kids get the boxed math done so they can use their 7 hours a day more wisely for them, like to study communications, compose music, design snowboard lifts, reach out to people in other countries …
We think connections to career people, rather than teachers, is what is missing the most…
Algebra skills needed?… for most, not so much…. a large amount of the role goes into motivation…

Please email metweet me, comment below, or sign up here or here if you know which kid you want (whichever is easiest)… if you are interested in partaking in this adventure.

We would love for you to find a student that suits you, peaks your drive, gets you cranked. If you haven’t already… take a look
here to see: *most of the kids’ me videos
and here: to see most of the kids toasting to change after watching Freedom Writers with our friends in Croatia
and here: to see where we meet up
and here: to see our collection of the things we are doing and believe in.
*some just joined us this semester… so are their videos are still in the making…


and if you’re so inclined to help us tweak…
how we started this year
and our plan for next year.