ian cunningham

ian cunningham bw

[sussex, united kingdom]


Ian is one of idec 2013’s coffee talkers:

idec 2013 coffee talkers

Ian Cunningham chairs Self Managed Learning College which provides programmes for young people out of school in Brighton, England.

He is also a dancer with the Three Score Dance Company in Brighton, England.


self managed learning college

This is a proven alternative to school. For instance in the 13 years since we started all our 16 year olds have gone on to sixth form or further education colleges. Colleges welcome the maturity and thoughtfulness of our students – because they have learned to manage their own learning and are equipped to pursue their educational goals.

city as school – ness:

Sometimes we are challenged as to our ability to provide resources to match a school. Our response is that we use recreational and library resources that are superior to any local school. For instance Queens Park is five minutes walk away with a wide range of outdoor facilities. When it is wet we use indoor facilities of the Youth Centre. We use the Jubilee Library in Brighton (the best library in the area) for a wide range of learning resources. We also use the Art Gallery and Museum and other resources in the centre of the city.