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We believe in peer-led, social-driven education. Learn from your network, one hour at a time. Founded by @rubyku & @adrawsalot.http://www.hourschool.com

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CrowdTogether helps close-knit groups engage and activate their members.http://www.crowdtogether.com

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Austin Center for Design – an educational institution in Austin, TX – exists to transform society through design and design education.  http://www.ac4d.com
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saturday, december 24, 2011

hOUR school

ah.. Alex and Ruby – you are lovely.
what you are doing is so spot on.. so needed.

better than a fb timeline, or resume,
what have youdone for the people around you .. how is your community doing..
hourschool keeps track of all you have taught, all you have taken, (not for badges or money even, just because we can), so they (Ruby and Alex et al) are tracking your living.. what makes you tick, what you share, what you learn,.. as you are living.
you can also go to people in Alex’s classes.. see what they have done, has he impacted them, what did they think of what he offered….
super stuff guys..

looking forward to jumpstarting hour school in loveland.. learning from each other as we go.

here’s to the best ramen noodles in the world. no?

looks like the match.com we’ve been looking for, trying to create – to match up mentors in the city
cool jets – testing it out now on italian


the public school ish