history and future of (mostly) higher ed

history and future of higher ed

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To our knowledge, “The History and Future of Higher Education” is the first coordinated multi-university initiative dedicated to thinking together about the future of the university.

Some specific topics include the importance of public funding for education, the crucial role of the humanities in discussions of educational technology,  digital humanities, new pedagogies  and community engagement, peer-to-peer open learning, collaborative learning, new interactive technologies of learning, the different values and limitations of face-to-face and online education, and innovative models and methods of learning offered by faculty and students across the many institutions and disciplines in higher education.


If you are interested in offering a formal or informal course, a reading group, even a one-time workshop or other event around this theme (however loosely configured), please let us know.  There’s a COMMENTS section at the bottom of this collection or you can reach us via the Contact Box or by posting a blog on the main hastac.org website.  We hope there is enough energy and interest that this coordinated approach can become a “movement,” an activist force galvanizing excitement around new ideas in the humanities and helping to shape expansive new futures for higher education.

NB: Anyone registered to hastac.org can post syllabi and course descriptions or other contributions to the main HASTAC site.  We will reblog relevant content to this curated collection as soon as we are able. 

exciting journey ahead… via Cathy Davidson, et al.



jan 2014:

jan 2014 – hangout on the remaking of the university:

Chris Newfield

57:30 – Cathy saying – can we play out our aspirations – where there is no prereq/cost/heirarchy.. different metric ness