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Perhaps we’ve lost it – on our definitions of success. It is about the person rather than the program, no?

Efficiency makes us so focused that we lose focus. Most marketing today for ed, higher ed, assumes that you are a part of the mass that no longer questions what success means, and are just looking for the piece of paper that will supposedly seal your supposed success for life.

So – imagine it is about people. The brochure above – helps people see that. As does the type of scenario below.

Local uni, [or highschool, or business, whatever], offers course X. Course X ends up with not enough people to afford running it. Rather than simply letting the 3 people that signed up for the course know that it is no longer an option, imagine sharing other options available to them.


Hip hop [or game design, or app design, or cooking, or dance, or ….] via community college has only 3 sign up – way under minimum. Note to those three reads:

Dear Dancer,

The DB301 dance class had only 3 people enrolled so we are unable to offer it this semester. However, Hourschool [or skillshare or ?] is running multiple dance classes that might be of interest to you. See this link for more info. If you find it of interest, and take it, and find yourself being successful at the end of this course – and still want our credentialing for it – please check back with us to see if we can work out an alternate means to credential you through your hourschool course.

We’ve come to accept that (perhaps because there’s so much money involved) there are keys to the doors of credentialing/proving that you are good at something. We’ve come to accept that we need others vouching for us. And that’s not all bad, reputation is a good thing. But we’ve marred it up so much.. that the vouching itself has become a scam, it can be bought, which means it can (and quite often is) illegitimate.

What is it we’re after in life anyway? Do any of us know? Are we even asking that?

Perhaps we need to ask that more.


Esha (@eshaLegal) tweeted at 8:08 AM – 23 Apr 2019 :
You say you want to prosecute all war criminals. But that would mean Harvard would lose half its faculty members. How will you make sure we have some teachers if you prosecute all war criminals?
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